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What is prescription free Differin Gel?

Differin gelNo prescription Differin Gel, generic name adapelene is a topical medicine designed to treat severe acne in case that other treatment are not making any positive affect. Differin apples directly to skin, usually comes as a gel or cream.

Why is it good for me?

Active component the Differin Gel is made of is adapalene combined with small portions of other ingredients. Differin basically clears pores and let them stay unclogged, so no acne vulgaris can be generated. The other affect of adapalene is an increase in cell turnover to produce more rapid exfoliation of the skin.

According to the state of the acne non prescription Differin gel comes in different formulations; 0.1% concentration is created for most common cases for mild occurrence of acne. 0.3% must be used for severe acne covering up to 80% of the affected area and Differin cream intended for sensitive skin. Buy no prescription Differin Gel from reputable online pharmacy.

Any side effects of Differin Gel?

Differin may cause some side effects while using for treatment of acne. Dryness may occur as Differin dehydrates the skin at the area it is applied at and causing exfoliation of the skin. Also, more serious side effect of Differin Gel are burns due to reaction of the active components with acne cysts and penetration of the medicine into the lower layers of the skin. And the last most common side effect is an itch or pruritis. Never scratch irritated area.

If some other side effects will occur during the Differin gel use contact your doctor or local pharmacy immediately.

Precaution before use of Differin

Avoid using Differin Gel in any forms if while pregnant or while breast feeding.

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First of all Differin is a generic product which means that it is manufactured under different to brand name but made out of the same ingredients. The only difference is that you don’t have to pay enormous bill for your medicine and have no need to visit doctor and get your non prescription Differin.

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